About Utah Avalanche

Utah's premiere youth soccer club.

The fundamental philosophy of the club is to treat our players as athletes and provide top-quality instruction, training and support to ensure they can achieve at the highest levels.

At Avalanche, we work to instill and reinforce the qualities of confidence, teamwork, loyalty, hard work, sacrifice, determination, struggle, heartache, passion and success in our youth. We teach them that they can be anything they want to be because they are strong and capable. We provide the training, opportunities, guidance and motivation that helps our players find their own strength and drive to succeed.

We have ex-collegiate female and male athletes involved in the coaching realm as much as possible because they understand how hard these athletes can really be pushed.  It is easy to know that kids have another level in them, when you once were that kid, and these coaches serve as role models for our aspiring athletes.

We encourage our players to be responsible for their own success – our players are independent and capable. They map out their goals, and we work with them to ensure they get there. Utah Avalanche players are dedicated athletes, and have sacrificed a great deal to get where they are. Most athletes train and practice 6 days a week as they work to reach their goals. They have passion for the game, and an extreme work ethic.

Utah Avalanche Girls Soccer Club

Utah Avalanche was formed in January 2001, as an all-girls competitive soccer club. It is the only club of its kind in the state.

Joanna Barney, Utah Avalanche Executive Director, founded the club in 2001 to allow the state’s most talented female athletes to receive the training, support, and resources needed to realize their full potential. Barney believed if she could bring the best of the best from the state into one club, they could compete with anyone, at any level. Barney played Division I soccer at the University of Utah, it was her dream to give Utah athletes the opportunity to compete and receive recognition at the highest levels.

Utah Avalanche has focused on the development of the female athlete for over a decade. Because of their singular focus on this group, Avalanche players have competed nationally, been recruited to Division I collegiate soccer programs, and have been more successful than any other female players in the state.

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