Tournament Check-In


Welcome to The 2021¬†Mayor’s Cup Tournament

The 2021 Mayor’s Cup tournament will begin on Tuesday, August 31st and continue through Monday, September 6th. Weekday games will be played in the evening and there will be no play on Sunday. All Final games will be played on Monday, September 6th.

All Out of State Teams will need player cards certified by your State Approved Registrar

All Team Check-in is done digitally. See instructions below.

Tournament Headquarters will be at the Regional Athletic Complex located at 2280 Rose Park Ln, Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Check-in Instructions

~ ALL check in will be online. There will be NO in-person check in.

Rosters must be submitted no later than Friday August 27, you must email the Rosters and Specialty Player Action Forms to the Tournament Check-in addresses below in PDF format.


Utah teams or teams in the UYSA system must create an Official UYSA/Affinity generated. Tournament/Travel Roster with photos, jersey numbers and coach associated with the team, including guest players.
~ (Instruction on how to print the Travel/Tournament Roster with Photo’s - Creating a tournament roster)

    Travel/Tournament Roster with photos:
     Instructions on how to print the Travel/Tournament Roster with Photos

    Tournament Name: Mayor’s Cup 2021
    Soccer Federation: UYSA
    Event Start Date: August 31, 2021
    Event End Date: September 6, 2021
    City: Bountiful
    State: UT
    Zip: 84010
    Director’s First Name: Ray
    Director’s Last Name: Parkhurst
    Email:   Phone: (801) 390-2500

    Out of state teams must provide an official approved/certified roster from your state/national association that lists every player, with jersey numbers, and a current photo player card for every player (including guests), and every coach. Please scan multiple cards to an 8.5”X11” sheet of paper and upload them. Coach’s cards can be scanned separately.

Specialty Player Action Forms (if applicable)

If you have guest players, you must have a Specialty Player Action Form (Guest/Loaned Player Form) signed by the loaning coach or club. Club passed players from within your club you still need this form. You are only allowed 5 guest players.

Need To Know

  • Medical Release forms must be present at all games per Tournament Rules. These forms do not need to be uploaded for check but will need to be available at the fields for the game.

  • The tournament staff will review all documents and let you know if there are any questions. You will receive your checked in roster sent back to you via email with a specific Watermark from the tournament. You will be required to print 6 copies of your checked in roster and present one at each game. If a roster is submitted without the watermark or handwritten changes without approval the game will be considered a forfeit.

    Note: You will not need to check in any where but the field before the game. The referee will check your rosters.